Best of Nonstop winnersが決まる!


Best of Nonstop winners

Best of Nonstop winners, (C) Nonstop Honolulu

10日ほど前に、「Best Of Nonstopの投票結果が気になる件」をアップしたけど、現在開催中のNonstop Kaka’akoで、先ほど全23カテゴリーのWinnerが決まったらしい。

  • Best tacos
    Zaratez Mexicatessen
  • Best sushi rolls
    Doraku Sushi
  • Best signature dessert
    Tie between Honey Toast (Shokudo) and hot chocolate souffle (Roy’s Restaurant)
  • Best shave ice
    Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha
  • Best ramen
    Goma Tei Ramen
  • Best poke
    Tamura’s Fine Wines & Liquor
  • Best pizza
    Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza
  • Best new food truck
    Ono to Go
  • Best nightclub
    Ka Restaurant & Lounge
  • Best new bar/nightclub/lounge
    Nocturna Lounge
  • Best loco moco
    Rainbow Drive-In
  • Best live music venue
    Kaka’ako Waterfront Park
  • Best laulau
    Helena’s Hawaiian Food
  • Best innovative restaurant
    He’eia Pier
  • Best fried chicken
  • Readers’ choice: Favorite restaurant
    Ola at Turtle Bay
  • Readers’ choice: Favorite bar
    Wang Chung’s
  • Best farm to table eatery
    Ola at Turtle Bay
  • Best creative sweet treats
  • Best coffee
    Beach Bum Cafe
  • Best cocktail
    Wang Chung’s
  • Best local-style pupu
    Side Street Inn
  • Best bakery
    Liliha Bakery


やっぱりとうのもあれば、へぇ~そこどこぉ?っていうところもあって、会場は盛り上がってるんだろーなー!やっぱり行きたかった。(← しつこい)